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At FALKN we take great pride in our loyal customer base. Our relentless desire to provide the very best product and service offerings have garnered the support of performance athletes globally. Unfortunately, with the added attention comes imitation. 

Imitation FALKN products are a growing trend. Imitation FALKN products contain subpar components and are manufactured to a lower quality standard. Only authentic FALKN products offer the immersive audio and active noise cancellation experience that is engineered specifically for the needs of performance athletes. Only authentic FALKN products are supported by our relentless customer service guarantee and No Grit. No Victory. product warranty. 

Check back soon for a full list of FALKN Authorized Retailers. In the meantime, authentic FALKN products are available only on 

About Imitation FALKN Products:

  • FALKN and authorized retail partners all understand and retail within a standard M.A.P (Minimum Advertised Price) policy. This policy states the M.S.R.P (Manufacture Suggested Retail Price) of FALKN products to be $139 - $179 USD. During times of promotion and special events, the suggested M.S.R.P may fall below $139 USD. Imitation FALKN products are often heavily discounted far below the M.S.R.P price point.
  • Only authentic FALKN products have a holographic seal on the exterior of the packaging. This seal has the FALKN trademarked logo along with the copy points "authentic" and "original". 
  • Only authentic FALKN products have a recognized IP rating - a two-digit number established by the International Electro Technical Commission used to provide an Ingress Protection rating to a piece of electronic equipment or to an enclosure for electronic equipment. Authentic FALKN Blk-Hawks are rated IP64 for total protection against dust ingress and omni-directional splashes of water/sweat. 
  • Authentic FALKN products are not available and sold through 3rd party marketplaces such as,,,,, and
  • Only authentic FALKN products have a GS1 globally registered UPC code on the product packaging. This registered UPC code starts with the numbers 866268 identifying the license to Publik Monarch LLC.
  • Imitation FALKN products are not covered under our "No Grit. No Victory." product warranty