1. How do I know when my FALKN Blk-Hawks are running low on battery? When FALKN Blk-Hawks run low on battery, they will voice "Battery Low" indicating it is time for a recharge.
  2. How long will FALKN Blk-Hawks last on a single charge? A mono (single unit) experience will get up to six hours of battery life. A stereo (dual unit) experience will get between three and four hours of battery life.
  3. Does volume affect battery life? Yes, battery life is related to volume. The louder your music, the shorter the battery will last. 

Bluetooth Audio:

  1. How do I pause a current track? Press the Command button once to pause the current track. Press the Command button again to unpause track.
  2. How do I skip the current track? Press the Command button twice to skip the current track.
  3. How do I go to the previous track? This function is not available on the Blk-Hawks. Previous track may be accessed from your device.
  4. I'm only hearing audio in one earbud. How can I fix this? The pairing process for the FALKN Blk-Hawks is a unique process because only one unit pairs to the Bluetooth device. The second unit will establish an automatic connection to the first unit. Audio or connectivity issues with the second Blk-Hawk is usually due to the second unit being put into pairing mode accidentally at some point in the setup process. Pairing the second unit is not required. The following troubleshooting steps will resolves most common issues. 
    • Unpair the Blk-Hawks: The steps below are similar for both iPhone and Android devices. 
      • Go to Settings > Bluetooth
      • Select the desired Bluetooth device to unpair. In this case, select "FALKN" from the Bluetooth device list.
      • Select "Forget this Device" or "Unpair."
    • Rest the pairing process: After you have successfully unpaired the Blk-Hawks, reset the pairing process. Only one Blk-Hawk unit needs to be paired to the device so follow the steps below for one Blk-Hawk unit only.
      • Press and hold the Command button down until a voice prompts "Power On" followed by "Pairing." Release the Command button when the voice prompts "Pairing."
      • Locate the Blk-Hawks in your device Bluetooth settings. Blk-Hawks are identified as "FALKN". Select "FALKN" to complete the pairing process.
    • Power on the second Blk-Hawk unit to establish connection: 
      • Power on the second Blk-Hawk unit by holding down the Command button until the voice prompts "Power On." Release the Command button as soon as the unit powers on, otherwise the second unit will launch pairing mode. Pairing mode is not required for the second unit because it will establish an automatic connection to the first Blk-Hawk unit when it powers on.

Bluetooth Connection:

  1. The connection between my FALKN Blk-Hawks intermittently cuts in and out, what can I do to fix this? Try the following troubleshooting tips:
    1. Ensure that the Blk-Hawks are fully charged.
    2. Ensure that there is an unobstructed line of sight between the paired Blk-Hawk and your Bluetooth device. It is possible that other wireless and bluetooth signals in the area may at times disrupt the bluetooth connectivity. In general, this is a normal occurrence with bluetooth technology and your Blk-Hawk will instantly reconnect itself if this occurs. 
    3. Move away from Wi-Fi routers. Wi-Fi signal interference may at times disrupt the connection between Blk-Hawks as noted above in second bullet point. 
    4. Turn off Wi-Fi and use cellular data. Public Wi-Fi access may have bandwidth issues due to the amount of users on the Wi-Fi network. The reduced bandwidth may cause possible interruptions with streaming audio or video. This generally is a Wi-Fi issue and not a Bluetooth connectivity issue. 

Bluetooth Device Compatibility:

  1. Will FALKN Blk-Hawks work with my PC or Mac? Yes. FALKN Blk-Hawks are compatible with most Bluetooth devices including Apple, Android, Mac, PC, and gaming systems. FALKN Blk-Hawks utilize Bluetooth 4.2. Bluetooth 4.2 is backwards compatible with most devices running earlier versions of Bluetooth. 


  1. How do I know when my FALKN Blk-Hawks are fully charged? The light on each Blk-Hawk will change from red to blue when the unit is fully charged.
  2. How long does it take to fully charge my FALKN Blk-Hawks? Depending on the current battery charge levels, it may take anywhere between 1 to 1.5hrs for a full charge.
  3. Can I charge only one Blk-Hawk? Yes, you can charge only one Blk-Hawk or both at a time. 

Contact Information:

  1. What is the best way to contact FALKN? For help, support, and general inquiries - Contact Us here. 
  2. What is your contact response time? We strive to respond to all customer inquiries within one (1) business day, sometimes even within the same hour. 


  1. Are FALKN Blk-Hawks worn on the ear or in the ear? Blk-Hawks are worn in the ear. Insert each Blk-Hawk into the ear canal with the Blk-Hawk ear tip pointing forward. When worn properly, each Blk-Hawk will sit flush against the ears.
  2. Which ear tip size should I use? The ear tip size needs to be large enough to create a comfortable tight seal inside your ear canal. This seal prevents noise leak and keeps external noises out. Keep in mind that most ear canals are not the same size so try different size ear tips for each ear to get the best fit. 
  3. Can I use wing tips with my FALKN Blk-Hawks? No. Blk-Hawks were designed with a minimal approach to form and fit which allows them to be compatible with most ear types. Blk-Hawks only support ear tips. 

Multi-Device / Multi-Point

  1. Are the FALKN Blk-Hawks multi-device? Yes, Blk-Hawks are multi-device and supports pairing of two (2) devices. When powered on, Blk-Hawks will automatically connect to the last paired device in use with the ability to toggle between connected devices from the Bluetooth device list in your device’s Bluetooth settings. Note: Disabling Bluetooth on the unused device may be required.
  2. Are the FALKN Blk-Hawks multi-point? No, Blk-Hawks are not multi-point. Blk-Hawks do not support the active connection of two Bluetooth devices in use simultaneously. 


  1. Does it matter which FALKN Blk-Hawk I turn on first? No. Once you have paired your Blk-Hawks to your device properly, the Blk-Hawks will automatically bluetooth connect when you turn your Blk-Hawks on.
  2. Does it matter which FALKN Blk-Hawk I power down with? No. Blk-Hawks are paired to one another. Powering down any one Blk-Hawk will automatically power down the second unit also.
  3. Can I use my FALKN Blk-Hawks on an airplane? Yes. Short range bluetooth accessories like headphones are permitted during times of device clearance on most commercial airlines. Check with your airline to see exactly when PED (Personal Electronic Devices) usage is permitted on your commercial flight.


  1. How do I pair my FALKN Blk-Hawks? Only one Blk-Hawk pairs to your Bluetooth device. The second Blk-Hawk will automatically pair to the first unit.
    1. Press and hold the Command button on one Blk-Hawk until you hear the unit voice "Power On" followed by "Pairing." This begins the pairing process with your device. Release the Command button after the "pairing" voice prompt. 
    2. Blk-Hawks are identified in your device's Bluetooth settings as "FALKN". In your device's Bluetooth settings, select "FALKN" to complete the pairing process.
  2. Do I have to pair both FALKN Blk-Hawks to my phone? No, only one FALKN Blk-Hawk is required to be paired with your phone or device.
  3. I have paired my FALKN Blk-Hawks with my phone but can’t receive audio through the earbuds. 
    1. Ensure your Blk-Hawks are properly paired. Blk-Hawks are identified in your device's Bluetooth settings as "FALKN". In your device's Bluetooth settings, select "FALKN" to complete the pairing process.
    2. Blk-Hawks can pair to multiple devices at a time and they will automatically connect to the last device in use. If you have previously used your Blk-Hawks with another device then select "FALKN" in your Bluetooth settings to reconnect your Blk-Hawks with the current device.
    3. Ensure your Blk-Hawks are fully charged and the unit that is paired to your device is powered on.
  4. How many devices can I pair my FALKN Blk-Hawks with? Blk-Hawks can be paired to two Bluetooth devices at a time.

Phone Calls:

  1. Can I use both of my FALKN Blk-Hawks for taking phone calls? No. Phone calls are mono (single unit) use in design.
  2. How do I get music to playback on my phone after ending a call? The current selection of music will start up automatically after ending a call. 
  3. Why can I only use one FALKN Blk-Hawk to take phone calls? Listening to audio is a single direction experience, i.e. the Blk-Hawks only receive data. A phone call on the other hand is a multi-directional experience, i.e. the Blk-Hawks receive and send data. Due to the nature of the Blk-Hawks being completely wireless and how they pair to each other and the device - we designed the phone experience to be mono (single unit) to prevent any possible latency or lag with the second earbud. This ensures you never experience a conversational lag with the second Blk-Hawk.

Product Warranty:

  1. What is your product warranty? FALKN offers a full one (1) year "No Grit. No Victory." product warranty - covering all parts and failures from manufacturing issues. 

    Have an issue with your product? Contact Us to initiate your "No Grit. No Victory." warranty claim.

Return/Refund Policy:

  1. What is your return policy? FALKN offers a thirty (30) day money back guarantee which starts from the date the order was shipped. Returned items must be complete with original packaging, contents, and in original condition. Need to return or exchange a product? Contact Us to initiate your return or exchange process. 
  2. What is your return policy for international customers? The above return policy applies to international orders, with the following adjustments:
    • Return shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer.
    • FALKN does not refund duties and taxes paid to clear customs.

Shipping/International Shipping:

  1. Do you offer FREE shipping? Yes, we offer FREE shipping as an option on all orders placed within the domestic U.S. via USPS First Class. This shipping method comes with tracking information. Shipments typically arrive in most states within five (5) business days.  
  2. How fast do you ship? We process and ship most orders the same business day. All international orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail Express International. This shipping method is trackable and arrives at most international destinations within one business week.
  3. Do you offer international shipping? FALKN currently ships to Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Israel, Ireland, Japan, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. Other international customers may Contact Us directly to place an order.
  4. Who is responsible for customs fees, taxes, and duties? International orders are subject to duties and taxes determined by the country to which they are shipped. These fees are the responsibility of the recipient to pay upon delivery.
  5. What is your customs acceptance policy? Orders refused at the point of delivery will incur return shipping charges as well as a twenty (20) percent restocking fee. We are required by law to list directly on the package the full retail value of items ordered. International shipments cannot be marked as a gift to avoid customs and duties fees. On some instances, customs agents may delay the delivery of, open, and/or examine the contents of packages at their discretion. For more information on customs fees and procedures, please contact your local customs office.

Sweat & Weather Proof:

  1. Can I run in the rain with my FALKN Blk-Hawks? Absolutely. Blk-Hawks have an IP64 weather/water resistant rating which means they offer complete protection from dust/dirt contact along with water splashes from any direction. 
  2. Are FALKN Blk-Hawks water proof? No. FALKN Blk-Hawks can not be submerged in water. 
  3. What is your sweat proof warranty? FALKN Blk-Hawks are warranted for one (1) full year. This warranty covers any and all manufacturing defects including issues that may possibly arise from sweat or weather. This warranty does not cover issues which occur from water immersion or general negligence. 

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