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No Grit. No Victory.

We honor the true grit spirit which drives self-progress. We are a champion of performance athletes - the ones dedicated to conquering obstructions in the pursuit of personal excellence. FALKN is an independent audio performance company. We design and engineer wireless sports earbuds genuinely to meet the specific needs of performance athletes.


We identify with the falcon, a bird of prey. Falcons are contrarian in their predatory approach as these birds kill with their beaks—unlike the hawks, eagles, and other giant birds of prey which kill with their feet.

FALKN is a challenger brand. We do not have the size and scale that competitor brands enjoy so we rely upon a contrarian predatory approach to capture market share. We do this by serving only one demographic, the ones we know best - performance athletes.


Our Purpose

FALKN was founded with one core purpose: Creating a company that gives job opportunities to people and their families that deserve a chance.

The story of FALKN began in Houston, TX back in 2008. The economic downturn began to take its toll, leaving more and more families jobless. Many of our own closest friends and family members were affected – leaving a wake of uncertainty and uneasiness. We began to question if there was more that we could do to help beyond just forwarding a resume onward.

Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime - but the man needs an ocean to fish in. Our mission is to create the ocean, one drop at a time. This is the journey of FALKN – an independent startup conceived with a relentless desire to create opportunities for those around us.